El gran espíritu

A book by Tomás Olivos
Nicolás Rojas text
July 2019

Hardcover edition, 17.5 x 25 cm
84 pages
ISBN: 978-956-9866-11-1
Published by Saposcat
* This book was funded by the National Fund for the Promotion of Book and Reading, Announcement 2019.

A young man feels consumed by the routine and decides to make a great trip: he arrives at a tributary of the Amazon to enter the unknown, where a shaman lives next to his people. There you will have a deep inner experience that will lead you to discover a new way of seeing the world.

“This luminous story takes us on a trip to the jungle of Peru and at the same time to the depths of consciousness. With synthesis and strength, it evokes psychedelia, art brut and shipibo culture. They say that the concoction that the protagonist ingests allows the spirit to leave the body without it dying. If what you see in that trance is as this book shows, I would like to try it. ”
Paloma Valdivia